Absence of ordinary

Bei Editions Infinies ist das vierte Fotobuch von Alexander Fröde erschienen. Das Buch zeigt eine Serie von 80 Fotografien in einer kleinen Auflage – von Hand verarbeitet mit wunderschönen Details, wie der handbedruckten Umschlag-Innenseite oder der Belgischen Fadenbindung.

Editions Infinies schreiben:
»Alexander studies the nooks of the urban periphery base. His eyes analyze, isolate, fragment meticulously them to extract from it their poetic substance. What he gaves us to see, at first glance, are spaces, architectures, insignificant or abandoned things that take place everywhere but that nobody cares. But here, breaches, bridges and safety stairs become invitations to visit the backstages of the city. Trough this labyrinth of uniformity, he manage to create privacy where human seems to have no place and so, he sublimes its sadness and banality.«